Utah PTA Mission: To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and
empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Why join the PTA?

  • The number one reason? It's a Fact: Kids Do Better When Parents are Engaged in Their Learning.
  • Get connected to what's happening in your school.
  • Discover available resources.
  • Join a network of parents and teachers to voice ideas, concerns, and experiences
  • Access to collaboration with administration and teachers.
  • Ability to bring forward positive change to our school environment.
  • Opportunity to volunteer, gain knowledge, and communication skills learned to benefit your school community.

How to join SVES PTA?
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How do I contact SVES PTA?

What does SVES PTA do?
We support the school and all students through PTA sponsored activities and parent

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SVES PTA Board Members 2023-2024

 Britanie WIlliams   President
Julene Hancock   Treasurer
Cassity Roberts   Secretary
Principal Ardizzone   Administrative VP
Morgan Christensen   Teacher VP


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PTA General Meetings
All PTA members are invited to attend these important general meetings for PTA and
school updates, voting, and activity sign ups.
September 13th, February 7th, March 24th @ 4:00pm in the Upper CLC.


PTA Monthly Board Meetings

The 2023-2024 PTA Board Members and planning committees meet monthly to coordinate upcoming events. All are welcome to attend!

Meeting Minutes

Date Time Location Agenda Minutes
09/13/23 4:00pm Upper CLC Agenda Minutes
09/19/23 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
10/17/23 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
11/14/23 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
12/12/23 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
01/16/24 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
02/07/24 4:00pm Lower CLC Agenda Minutes
02/20/24 2:00pm Faculty Lounge Agenda Minutes
03/19/24 2:00pm Faculty Lounge   Minutes
03/27/24 6:00pm Lower CLC    
04/16/24 2:00pm Faculty Lounge   Minutes
05/14/24 2:00pm Faculty Lounge   Minutes