6th Grade Transition to Jr. High

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Dear Parents and/or Guardians, 

We are excited to announce that we will begin meeting with your students on an individual basis to assist them in selecting courses for their 7th grade school year. These meetings will be during the school day beginning the week of Monday, January 24th and for the next 3 consecutive weeks. We will discuss core class requirements and possible course electives. As part of this discussion, we will also address the importance of attendance and building the skills necessary to be successful in Junior High. Students will also receive information on extracurricular activities available at their selected Junior High. 

If you would like to join your student virtually when we meet during the school day, please click here:  Appointment Link. If I don't hear back from you, I will meet with your student and send home a copy of the 7th grade course request worksheet that you can review, sign and return. If you have any questions or need additional accommodations or appointment opportunities,  please feel free to call 801-737-8198 or email me at Bartlettis@ogdensd.org. I look forward to meeting with your student and supporting you and your student during this transition.


Stacey Bartletti, SVES School Counselor

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