Shadow Valley Elementary provides a rigorous educational experience for students K-6 with a focus on learning through the study of the environment and science. Shadow Valley Elementary is consistently a top performing elementary in Weber County made possible by our incredible students, teachers and parent support. Beyond academics, Shadow Valley offers extensive opportunities for enrichment and afterschool programs such as the Beverly Taylor Sorenson art and drama program as well as clubs such as the LEGO STEM League and the Green Ambassadors.

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Class Supply List


The following items are strongly recommended for all students to have coming into kindergarten: Bring to School: 1) A backpack big enough to hold a 10 x 12 folder (the folder will be provided) Keep at home(for homework): 2) 1 box of 16 Crayola Crayons 3) 1 bottle of (white) liquid Elmer's Glue or 1 package of Elmer’s Glue Sticks The following materials are suggested itemsto help supply the class for the coming school year. If you are able, please provide one or more. 1) 1 box of Kleenex 2) 1 container of Lysol Wipes 3) 1 ream of white copy/printer paper 4) 1 bag of candy (wrapped) for rewards


First Grade

Mrs. Olsen

Mrs. DeBoer

2017-2018 Mrs. DeBoer supply list Supply Donations: For your child:  pencil box with your child’s name on it  broad tipped colored markers with child’s name on them For the classroom (turn into the teacher at the beginning of year-no names please) Not Mandatory, but very helpful  6 or more .21oz glue sticks  tissues (we use a lot during cold and flu season)  pencil tip erasers  ream of white copy paper/colored copy paper  Band-aids  #2 yellow pencils(Ticonderoga preferred brand)  Baggies – quart or sandwich size  Paper Towels (No Lysol Wipes please)  Crayola Crayons (for specific art projects)  Black Expo Dry Erase Marker NO PENCIL SHARPENERS OR WATER BOTTLES PLEASE. I will provide water bottles, crayons, scissors, and notebooks for your child. Thanks for


Mrs. Schumer

Mrs. Rich

2017-2018 Mrs. Rich 1st Grade Supply List Bring to School: A backpack big enough to hold a 10x12 folder (the folder will be provided) Supply Donation: For your child ◻ 1 box broad tipped colored markers 8-10 count, with your child’s name on them (I recommend Mr. Sketch brand – they last for years!) Optional Donations that would be useful during the year. They are not mandatory. (Turn in to the teacher at the beginning of the school year – no names please.) ◻ Ziploc bags (snack, sandwich, quart or gallon sized, all with a zipper seal) ◻ White copy paper ◻ Colored copy paper ◻ Mr. Clean Magic Erasers ◻ .21oz Elmer’s glue sticks ◻ Tissues ◻ #2 yellow pencils ◻ Pencil top erasers (the kids especially like the colored ones) ◻ Clorox/Lysol disinfectant wipes ◻ Paper towels ◻ Band-Aids ◻ Black sharpie markers No small pencil sharpeners or water bottles please. We will provide crayons, scissors, a homework folder, a water bottle & notebooks for your child.


Second Grade

2nd Grade Supply List **Here is a list of supplies that would be very useful during this coming school year. They are not mandatory.** *Large box of tissues *Antibacterial Wipes *Markers - Mr. Sketch are preferred* (STAPLES or WALMART) *Small pencil box or plastic pencil pouch *Glue sticks (several throughout the year) *Small bottle of Elmers or Crayola glue *One black “Sharpie” marker (fine point, not ultra-fine) *Extra pencils and erasers *Scissors *Box of Band-Aids *Small pencil sharpener (with shavings catcher) *Two reams of white copy paper *Black or blue dry erase marker and eraser *Highlighter markers (2) *Gallon size baggies **Please put your child’s name on everything!**


Third Grade

Third Grade Student Supply List for 2017-2018 Following is a list of suggested supply donations. Donations will be used as classroom supplies that will be shared by the whole class. The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis; otherwise, they will be furnished by the school. •3 dozen #2 pencils •eraser, such as a Pink Pearl eraser •6 dry erase markers, black, low-odor •2 reams of white copy paper •2 boxes of facial tissue The following are items that would also be greatly appreciated for our classroom use: •paper towels •plastic storage bags, such as Ziplock bags (gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack size)


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Felker

Mrs. Felker’s 4th Grade 2017‐28 ‐ Supply List Recommended Student Supplies If it is not on the list, it is not needed. The kids do not have a lot of space in their desk; please do not send anything that is not listed. I will provide notebooks and folders These items are used daily and consumed quickly. If possible, they need to be replaced each quarter.  24 ‐ Pencils #2  Expo Dry Erase markers  Glue sticks These items should last through the year.  Colored pencils – 12‐pack (not the twistable kind)  Crayons‐ 24 count  Highlighters (1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 green)  Sock/cloth eraser for white board  Earbuds for computer/iPad  Water bottle to have at their desk to hydrate. (This bottle needs to be leak proof when open and tipped over. A pop top type is a good example. No cups with straws or pop open lids.)  Backpack or book bag ** Each student in the fourth grade will use a daily planner as well as specific notebooks and folders. In an effort to keep this uniform for all students we have ordered identical planners and folders for each student. As a result, we are asking for a $5.00 donation to cover the cost of the planners and notebooks. Suggested Donations for Class  2 Reams of white copy paper  1 Ream of colored copy paper (any color)  Lysol or Clorox antibacterial wipes  Paper Towels  Expo Markers  Gallon, quart size, sandwich size zip lock bags  Band‐Aids (all sizes)  Pencils #2  Glue sticks


Mrs. Heerspink

Mrs. Heerspink’s Fourth Grade General Supplies List Individual Supplies for Student  Pencils (#2)  Small Individual Pencil Sharpener  Colored Pencils  Crayons – 24 Count  Washable Markers  Highlighter  Pencil box (standard size)  Wide Ruled Composition note book – 100 sheets/200 pages  2 Expo Dry Erase Markers  Sock/cloth eraser for white boards  Glue Stick  Water Bottle (students will not be allowed to leave during class instruction to go to the drinking fountain)  Earbuds for computer/iPad use (optional) *Please label any supplies that you can to help prevent losing student supplies! ** Five folders and four spiral notebooks have already been purchased for your student to help insure that all students are prepared on the first day of school. Also, each student will use a daily planner. In an effort to keep this uniform for all students, I have ordered identical planners for each student. As a result, I am asking for a $5.00 donation to help cover the cost of the planner, folders, and notebooks that have been purchased for your student. Suggested Donations for Whole Class Use (Please feel free to donate these items throughout the school year!)  Tissues  Paper Towels  Disinfectant Wipes (i.e. Clorox Wipes)  *Pencils (#2) – You can never have too many pencils in a classroom   Reams of white printer paper  Wide Ruled Lined Paper  Dollar Store Toys/Prizes for Classroom Reward Auctions Thank you, Mrs. Heerspink


Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Supply List Recommended Student Supplies:  Backpack or book bag  Small pencil box  Pencils and eraser tops  Highlighters  Glue sticks  Colored pencils  Washable markers (fine tip)  Expo Markers and some form of eraser  Scissors  Folders: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue (one of each please)  Notebooks: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue (one of each please)  1 Black Binder (1 inch)  1 copy (used or new) of Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan  1 copy (used or new) of Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis *Please write your child’s names on all materials Suggested Donation Items for the Classroom:  2 Reams of white copy paper  1 Ream of colored copy paper (any color)  Lysol or Clorox antibacterial wipes  Expo Markers Thank you, Mrs. Jolley, Mrs. Speechly and Mrs. Olsen


Sixth Grade

6th Grade Supply List Needed for each student: Pencils (Student Choice) Notebook (Spiral Bound) Composition Book I pack lined filler Paper (College Ruled Prefered) Colored Pencils 1 Pencil Pouch that fits in three­ring binder 1 Three­ring 2 inch binder 1 pack of 8 tab dividers 1 Dry erase marker Classroom Donations: Tissues Hand Sanitizer Paper Towels Lysol Wipes White Copy Paper Lined filler paper Red pens Pencils Dry erase markers ** All 6th graders will use a daily planner. In an effort to keep this uniform for all students we have ordered identical planners for each student. As a result, we are asking for a $3.00 donation to cover the cost of the planner. *** We are limited on interior desk space with our textbooks. Please do not bring pencil boxes, they do not fit well in the desks.


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