6th Grade Transition to Jr. High

We are now starting with the transition process for our 6th grade students to prepare for 7th grade. The Mount Ogden Junior High School Band and Orchestra came to Shadow Valley on Wednesday, January 31, to perform for our students.

Thursday, February 1, our students went to Mount Ogden Junior High School for a 9:30 a.m. assembly with other students that will be in next year’s 7th Grade class.

Starting the first week of February and going into March (2018) I am conducting College and Career Readiness Plan (CCRP) Conferences with 6th grade students and their parents/guardians.

During this 20-30 minute conference, we will discuss the student’s likes and interests and will be selecting elective courses for 7th grade at Mount Ogden Junior High School.

I invite parents/guardians to review the materials in the links below (Course Request Form, Elective Course Descriptions, and Student Extracurricular Involvement) prior to your conference.

Transition conference sign-up, please click here

Please enter the STUDENT’S NAME in one of the available light-green slots. The tabs along the bottom are for the different weeks. Black or grey slots are times I am not available. Please also note that I will be available during Parent-Teacher Conference times as well on March 1… you are welcome to sign up for those times as well.

.MOJHS Course Request Form, Please click here.

.MOJHS Elective Course Descriptions, Please click here.

.MOJHS Student Extracurricular Involvement.